2 = logistics, map, mapping, organisational setting, organising [organizing, -USA], setup [set-up], organisation [organization, -USA], work organisation, staging, set-up, structuring, implementation.
Ex. Donald P Hammer, Executive Secretary of LITA, and Dorothy Butler, the Division's Administrative Secretary, handled all of the administrative details, arrangements, and logistics.
Ex. A detailed study of a co-citation map, its core documents' citation patterns and the related journal structures, is presented.
Ex. Recently, proponents of co-citation cluster analysis have claimed that in principle their methodology makes possible the mapping of science using the data in the Science Citation Index.
Ex. Many students, after working with cases, have testified to the help they received in developing a clearer concept of the dynamics of human relationships in organizational settings.
Ex. No course on management would be complete without articulating the principles of management (i.e., planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling).
Ex. 'You know,' she had said amiably, 'there might be a better job for you here once things get rolling with this new regional setup'.
Ex. This article discusses the history of the organisation of readers' camps for students of secondary schools in Slovakia which dates back to 1979.
Ex. Quality of Work Life (QWL) can be defined as 'the degree to which members of a work organisation are able to satisfy important personal needs through their experiences in the organisation'.
Ex. The author describes the success of a library in staging a series of music concerts as a public relations exercise.
Ex. Areas of particular concern are: equipment set-up and use; helping develop search strategies, logon/logoff procedures; and emergency assistance when things go wrong.
Ex. There are also suggestions for rules for structuring corporate body names.
Ex. This software is important to the further implementation of the record format, especially in developing countries.
* conocimientos básicos de búsqueda, recuperación y organización de la informa = information literacy.
* desorganización = disorganisation [disorganization, -USA].
* metaorganización = meta-organisation.
* modelo de organización = organisational scheme.
* organización bibliográfica = bibliographic organisation.
* organización bibliotecaria = library organisation.
* organización del trabajo = workflow [work flow], working arrangement.
* organización de materias = subject organisation.
* organización horizontal = flat organisation, horizontal organisation.
* organización interna = organisational structure.
* organización laboral = job structuring.
* reorganización = respacing.
* una organización de = a pattern of.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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